How to Remove the Pop-Up Virus From Internet Explorer

By Ryan Casima

Internet Explorer is a very popular web browser; it is the default browser in all Microsoft Windows operating systems. Removing pop ups, whether they are caused by a virus or the website you are visiting, can be done by changing the settings in Internet Explorer. However, this will not remove the virus from your computer, only from Internet Explorer. If you need to remove a virus from your computer, you should invest in an antivirus security software.

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer and click on the "Tools" tab.

Step 2

Open the "Internet Options" tab and then click on the "Privacy" tab.

Step 3

Press the "Settings" button to open the "Pop-up Blocker Settings."

Step 4

Select the "High" option in the section titled "Blocking Level." Click "OK" to close the window.

Step 5

Click "Apply" in the "Internet Options" window and then click "OK" to close it.