How to Remove the Write Protection From a Jump Drive

By Timothy Sexton

A jump drive is a small USB device that can potentially hold more data than the entire hard drive of computers made a few years ago. Another big advantage is the portable convenience they offer. The problem is that the ability to transport them often means the write protection gets accidentally turned on. Removing write protection from a jump drive is very easy if you know what to look for.

Step 1

Locate the write protection switch on the jump drive. Not all jump drives are created equal. The write protection switch may be on the bottom or on the side of the jump drive.

Step 2

Look for small icons that look like either a locked lock or an unlocked lock. The unlocked icon means that write protection is off, while the locked icon means that the drive cannot be written or copied to.

Step 3

Slide the switch from the locked icon to the unlocked icon to remove the write protection. Doing this means you will be able to write directly to the drive or copy a file from another drive to the jump drive.

Step 4

Check to make sure that the switch has been moved all the way into the unlocked position if removal does not seem to work. In many cases the reason why the jump drive appears to still be protected is because the switch was not moved completely into place.

Step 5

Consult a professional who is experienced in storage drives if after double checking the jump drive still will not allow you to write to it. The problem may be more serious and require more than simply removing write protection via the switch.