How to Remove Vocals With Sony Acid Music

By Meaghan Ellis

Removing vocals from a song separates the vocals from the instrumental wave pattern in a digital music file. This technique has become more common with the advancing technology of music recording software and equipment. Sony's Acid Music software comes equipped with this function and is widely used for removing vocals from songs. You will need the Sony Vocal Eraser VST plug-in to remove vocals from MP3 tracks.

Step 1

Launch Sony Acid Music. Allow the program to open successfully before conducting any further action.

Step 2

Load the song from which you want to remove vocals from the **File** and **Open** menus. The song displays in the Sony Acid queue.

Step 3

Open the vocal eraser plug-in. Click the **View** tab at the top of the screent, then elect the **Audio Plug-In** tab. When the Audio Plug-in dialog window opens, select the Sony Vocal Eraser VST Plug-in from the list of installed audio plug-ins.

Step 4

Place the song in the plug-in portal. Drag the song from the queue to the Sony vocal eraser plug-in editorial portal. Double-click the song’s wave pattern in the Sony Acid queue.

Step 5

Remove the vocals from the song. Use the knobs, modules, low and high pass filters and equalizer settings to remove the vocal pattern from the song. Turn the low pass filter up. This filter is the instrumental pattern of the song. Use the high pass filter knob to diminish the volume of the vocals so the instrumental pattern can drown out the vocals. Use your discretion to edit the equalizer modules as needed. This action will smooth out the removal of the vocal pattern.

Tips & Warnings

  • Sony Acid Music doesn't come with the Vocal Eraser Plug-In as standard. If your version of the program does not have this feature, you must download and iinstall the plug-in.
  • The vocal removing plug-in will not completely remove vocals. It will simply lower their volume drastically. The only way vocals can be removed from a song completely is to have access to the master recording for editing purposes.