How to Replace Phone Modular Plugs

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

It is possible to replace phone modular plugs on phones when they become damaged without calling the telephone repair man or taking the phone or cord into the shop for repair.

Things You'll Need

  • Modular connector crimping tool
  • Modular connector
  • Piece of phone wire that has a damaged connector
  • Pair of wire cutters
  • Pair of wire strippers

Step 1

Cut the old, damaged plug off the end of the phone wire.

Step 2

Remove the insulation off about ½ inch of the phone wire. This will leave 4 wires sticking out the end of the phone cord--typically red, green, black and yellow in color.

Step 3

Strip the last ¼ inch of insulation off each of the 4 wires using the wire strippers.

Step 4

Examine the damaged plug that you cut off the phone line and insert the new wires into the new plug in the same order of colors that are in the damaged plug. Make sure that the wires occupy the center 4 wire slots on the plug and that there is an empty slot on each side of the connector.

Step 5

Push the wires all the way to the end of the plug.

Step 6

Insert the plug into the modular crimping tool and squeeze the handles together to crimp the plug onto the wire. Tug on the wires to make sure that they are secure on the connector.

Tips & Warnings

  • Disconnect the phone wire from the wall plug before repairing the damaged plug. Phone wires carry a small amount of electric current and voltage which may shock you if you are not careful.