How to Report AT&T DSL Outages

By Art Corvelay

AT&T is a major communications company that provides many services, including DSL Internet service. DSL is an Internet service that provides a much faster network connection than a standard dial-up connection. However, even though DSL is significantly faster than dial-up, it still uses regular telephone lines to send data. Therefore, service interruptions can occur when telephone lines are damaged or broken. You can report DSL outages to AT&T so that AT&T can fix the outage as quickly as possible.

Step 1

Call AT&Ts DSL outage hotline. The phone number is 877-937-5288. This is a toll-free number.

Step 2

Listen to the menu prompts. Press "3" on your phone's keypad to enter the "Technical Assistance" menu.

Step 3

Allow the "Technical Assistance" to play. Press "2" to report an outage of DSL service.

Step 4

Wait for the service to connect you to the correct customer support agent. The phone will ring when trying to connect you to a support agent.

Step 5

Report the outage to the customer service agent. The agent will ask you for the zip code of the outage. Provide the agent with all information she requests.