How to Report Stolen FedEx Packages

By Candace Benson

You may have had a FedEx package stolen from your front steps or outside your apartment door if you live in an urban or suburban area. Although you can and should contact FedEx to inquire about the delivery location, FedEx will be unable to rectify your situation. You must contact the shipper and report the package as stolen in order for the shipper to file an insurance claim via FedEx and to mail a replacement package. Depending on your shipper, you may have call multiple times before the shipper resolves the situation.

Step 1

Determine which company shipped the package by examining the shipping manifest or receipt that was emailed to you or the FedEx tracking information or by contacting the vendor from whom you ordered the product. Write down the shipper's name and information, not the product brand's name and information.

Step 2

Print out all of the delivery information from the FedEx tracking page or an emailed shipping manifest or receipt. Make note of delivery requirements and time of delivery.

Step 3

Call FedEx and request a proof of delivery if the shipping instructions required a signature for delivery.

Step 4

Contact your shipper, and report that someone has stolen your package. Give any pertinent information, including the time of delivery.

Step 5

Pursue the complaint by contacting your shipper daily until they have resolved the situation. Do not hesitate to ask for a supervisor to escalate your claim.

Tips & Warnings

  • Prior to filing a claim, check all possible areas outside of your home, including garages, porches and bins.
  • Ask your neighbors if they witnessed the delivery or if FedEx delivered the package to them. The delivery person may have hidden the package behind bushes or hedges, so check your yard thoroughly prior to reporting the package stolen.
  • In the future, require a signature for delivery, if you don't currently require this. Although it's not foolproof, requiring a signature on all future deliveries gives you an additional layer of protection.
  • Some people ship packages to their workplaces. If someone at work signs for the package and misplaces it, you must file a complaint with your employer.