How to Report Welfare Fraud Online For The State of Ohio

By braniac

If you know someone that is not following the rules when it comes to being on public assistance it is your duty to report it to the state. You can do this online as well as through the phone and you can remain anonymous as well. Read on to learn how to report welfare fraud online in Ohio.

Things You'll Need

  • internet access
  • an email

Step 1

Log onto a computer and go to this address

Step 2

Than input all the information about the person you are reporting on about welfare fraud. You should know there name and address and what programs they are on.

Step 3

Describe the fraud that they are doing in detail.

Step 4

List any people that can back the story up because welfare fraud is a serious offense and should not be taken likely.

Step 5

Leave your contact info if you want if not you can leave it blank also so you can be anonymous.

Step 6

Submit the info and thats it. You have just reported welfare fraud online for the state of ohio only.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not report anyone unless you know for sure.