How to Reset a 2Wire Router

By James T Wood

Restarting or resetting your 2Wire router can solve connection or configuration issues. It's best to start with the least intrusive steps -- simple restarting -- and then move to the more intrusive -- a full factory reset. If you do perform a full factory reset, all of your settings and configurations will be lost and will need to be entered again, while a simple restart keeps all of the configurations in place.

Step 1

Launch a browser window from a computer connected to the 2Wire router and enter "" without quotation marks in the address bar. Note that the computer connected to the 2Wire router does not need Internet access to reset the router If prompted, enter your password.

Step 2

Choose "Resets" under Troubleshooting from the list on the left. The Resets page gives you a list of possible resets you can use to restore your 2Wire router's functionality. The top button, labeled "Clear," removes the listing for all the devices connected to your router. Use this option if some devices can connect while others cannot. Reset the DSL Connection to force the router to reconnect to the Internet. Reset the ISP Connection to force your service provider to reset your router's connection on its networking hardware. Reset the Broadband Link to restore all the aspects of your router's physical connections. Reset your Gateway to reboot your router. Try each of these options one at a time before moving on to the next. You may need to log back into the page for your 2Wire Gateway after resetting or restarting it.

Step 3

Unplug your 2Wire router from the wall and leave it unplugged for one full minute before plugging it back in. The time unplugged allows the capacitors within the router to discharge and any errors in the internal memory to be expunged. Test the router after it fully reboots. A full reboot can take several minutes while the router re-establishes a connection with your ISP.

Step 4

Browse to the Troubleshooting Resets page using your Web browser and select the Reset to Factory State option. This will delete any settings you have entered and fully reset the router. Once it comes back on, you will need to set it up again including entering any username or password information required by your ISP.

Step 5

Reset your 2Wire router manually, only if you cannot connect to the browser interface. Straighten one end of a paperclip and use it to push the reset button in the small hole on the back of your router. Hold the reset button down with the paperclip for 30 seconds, remove the power cord for 30 seconds, replace the power cord while still holding the reset button for an additional 30 seconds before releasing the reset button. This will perform a factory reset on your router and it will require reinstallation.