How to Reset a D-Link Wireless Router

Reset your D-Link wireless router from its Web interface and restore all its settings to factory defaults if you suspect some of its custom settings may be the cause of Internet connectivity problems. If you can't access the Web interface or can't remember the administrator password, reset the router by using the reset button. All settings -- including the administrator and wireless network passwords -- are restored to default values when you reset the D-Link device; however, the firmware is preserved.

Using the D-Link Web Interface

To access the Web interface, you must know three things: the correct IP address, the username and the administrator password. The default IP address of D-Link routers is or, and the default username is admin. The default password is admin; some routers don't have a password, so the field must be left blank.


Open the Web browser and type or into the Address bar at the top of the window; press Enter to open the D-Link Web interface. If the IP address doesn't work, somebody may have configured the router and changed the address.


Type the username and password into the Username and Password fields and then click Log In or Submit to open the Web interface page. If you changed the default username and password and can't remember them, you may need to reset the router by using the reset button.


Select the Tools tab at the top of the interface and then select the System option from the left pane. The tab position and option names may vary between models and even firmware revisions. Consult the manual that came with the device to find more information about the Web interface.


Click the Restore All Settings to the Factory Defaults button and then confirm your action.

Using the Reset Button

Press the reset button found on D-Link routers -- including the DI-624, DIR-300, DIR-625, DIR-655, DP-301U, WBR-1310 and WBR-2310 -- to reset the device if you can't access the Web interface or can't remember the username or administrator password. The reset button is recessed -- to prevent accidental resets -- into a small hole on the back or side of the wireless router. The hole is usually labeled "Reset."

Insert a small paperclip into the pinhole and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds to reset the D-Link router. The LED lights start to blink and the device restarts itself after a few seconds.

The Crash Reset Procedure

Unplug the wireless router from the power outlet or use the Power button to turn the device off. Hold the reset button and then turn on the wireless router by plugging it back into the power outlet or by pressing the Power button. Hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds after you turn on the device to perform a crash reset.