How to Reset a Garmin Nuvi

Portable GPS navigation systems are convenient alternatives to using conventional maps when plotting a trip in your vehicle. The Garmin Nuvi line of GPS navigational systems are relatively compact and have the ability to be updated whenever new map software is available from the manufacturer. The Garmin Nuvi line ranges from compact, basic GPS navigational systems to more advanced models that feature voice recognition and 3-D mapping. If there ever comes a time when you need to reset your Garmin Nuvi series navigational system, you can do so easily, without the need for any special tools or programming knowledge.

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Turn off your navigational unit.


Rapidly tap on the top-left corner of your Nuvi's touch screen and hit the "Power" button once at the same time, if you own either a Garmin Nuvi 660 or 680 series. For the Garmin Nuvi 200, 250, 360, 750 or 760 series units, rapidly tap the bottom-right corner of your touch screen, followed by the "Power" button.


Wait for the "Clear all user data" prompt to appear and tap "Yes" to confirm. Some models may ask, "Do you really want to start up in maintenance mode?" Tap "Yes" to confirm, highlight "Clear all user data" and press "Yes" to perform the reset.

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