How to Reset a Maintenance Code on a Minolta Copier

By Chad Buleen

When something occurs to your Minolta copier that requires service, a maintenance code or service message will appear on the front panel of the copier. For some Minolta copiers, the maintenance code appears as a combination of a letter and a number. Other Minolta copiers indicate the need for maintenance by a flashing light. Fixing the problem to which the code refers will automatically reset the maintenance code. The codes and lights that indicate maintenance needs vary from one Minolta copier to the next, but you have a few basic actions to reset them.

Step 1

Pull out the paper tray and lift up on the top of the tray to open it. Load paper into the tray, close it and insert the tray back into place.

Step 2

Open the front cover and pull firmly with both hands to guide any paper stuck in the machine. Close the front cover when you have removed the paper.

Step 3

Open the front cover and pull the drum cartridge toward you. Keep your hands level and pull the toner cartridge from the drum cartridge. Slide a new toner cartridge into the place the old toner cartridge occupied. Slide the drum cartridge back into place. Close the front cover.

Step 4

Push the "Power" button to turn off the printer. Wait a few moments and press the button again to turn on the printer.