How to Reset an HP 2660D Printer

By Shawn McClain

If your HP Deskjet D2660 printer stops working correctly, whether because of a paper jamor blinking error lights or because the printer simply won’t print, a quick reset can often bring it back to working order. The D2660 is a fairly simple printer, and most of the settings are controlled by software on the computer to which the printer is connected, but it can still experience the occasional software glitch that causes it to freeze up.

Step 1

Press the power button on the front of the printer to turn the device on. If your printer is currently in an error mode where all four lights on the control panel are blinking, press the power button to try to turn the device off instead, although the printer may not always power off when it is in an error mode.

Step 2

Remove the power cord from the back of the D2660.

Step 3

Remove the power cord from the outlet and wait about a minute before you continue.

Step 4

Plug the cord back into the outlet.

Step 5

Plug the cord into the back of the D2660. Press the power button to turn the printer back on.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the printer is still inoperable after you have performed the reset, you should contact HP about having the printer serviced.