How to Reset AnyDVD Trial Period

By Jon Stefansson

AnyDVD is a software application developed by SlySoft that removes DVD copy protection as soon as the disc is inserted into a computer disc drive. The software allows backup applications to copy the contents of the disc to a video file without restriction. SlySoft lets you download and use a trial version of the software, without payment, for 21 days, after which users must pay for or uninstall the application. You cannot reset the AnyDVD trial period. Purchase a serial number from the SlySoft website if you want to use AnyDVD longer than 21 days.

Step 1

Go to the SlySoft purchase website (see Resources).

Step 2

Uncheck any unnecessary boxes, leaving "AnyDVD" the only option with a check mark.

Step 3

Select a subscription period from the drop-down menu.

Step 4

Click "Buy Now" and complete the payment details form on the next page.

Step 5

Complete any additional steps. SlySoft will send you a serial number that will let you use AnyDVD for an extended period.

References & Resources