How to Reset the Chip on an Epson 69 Printer Cartridge

By David Clair

Epson 69 black ink cartridges are used in a wide array of Epson inkjet printers. Each Epson 69 cartridge contains a chip that tracks how much ink is used. If a cartridge is refilled after the ink level runs low, the chip must be reset in order for the Epson printer to identify the cartridge as full. An Epson chip resetter is needed to reset the chip.

Things You'll Need

  • Epson chip resetter

Step 1

Position the Epson 69 cartridge so the gold contacts on the bottom of the cartridge are facing the metal pins on the chip resetter.

Step 2

Press the Epson 69 cartridge into the resetter so the contacts are touching the gold leads. Hold the cartridge in place.

Step 3

Release the cartridge from the Epson chip resetter after the green LED on the resetter comes on steadily. The chip is reset.

Tips & Warnings

  • Epson chip resetters can be bought from online retailers and computer supply shops.
  • Reposition the cartridge against the resetter if the reset is unsuccessful. The chip cannot reset unless a clean contact is made.