How to Reset the Chip on Used Lexmark Ink Cartridges

By Steve Smith

If you use recycled or refilled Lexmark printer cartridges in your printer, you will receive a warning message that says ink levels are low. The only way to stop this message from appearing is to reset the micro chip on the cartridge. There are two ways to do this: either purchase a universal chip resetter or purchase one made specifically for your Lexmark printer. The process of resetting the chip is fairly easy. It will take just about three minutes to complete.

Things You'll Need

  • Lexmark or Universal chip resetter

Step 1

Hold the universal ink chip resetter in your hand with the metal pins facing toward your other hand. Or place the Lexmark chip reset device on a table or another flat work space.

Step 2

Find the metal tabs on the chip on the Lexmark printer cartridge. These tabs are located on the backside of the cartridge along the outside. They are the only metal tabs on the ink cartridge.

Step 3

Line up the pins on the universal cartridge with the tabs located on the Lexmark printing cartridge. Or, for the Lexmark brand chip resetter, line up the edge of the cartridge with the slotted face of the chip resetter.

Step 4

Press and hold the universal chip resetter to the cartridge so the tabs and the pins connect. A red light begins to blink on and off. Hold the cartridge and chip reset tool in contact until the green light blinks. Or press the cartridge into the Lexmark chip resetter and hold it there until the light comes on.

Step 5

Install the cartridge back into your printer through the accessing panel and press the cartridge into place, as you would normally install a cartridge. Then turn the printer on. Open a test document and select "File" and then "Print" to test the cartridge.