How to Reset the Dell Server Intrusion Sensor

By Craig Witt

Many Dell servers include a security feature called Chassis Intrusion Detection. When enabled, this feature notifies system administrators when someone opens the server's external case. Administrators can then check the machine and make sure that its components remain in place, and that data from the hard drive has not been compromised. When tripped, Chassis Intrusion Detection continues to send alerts until you reset it manually.

Step 1

Turn on or restart your computer. As soon as the boot process begins, press and hold the **F2** key until the System Setup screen displays.

Step 2

Press the down-arrow key, highlight the **System Security** option and then press the **Enter** key.

Step 3

Press the down-arrow key and highlight the **Chassis Intrusion** option. Press the left- or right-arrow key and select **Reset**.

Step 4

Press the space bar to select your preferred Chassis Intrusion setting; for example, enabled, enabled-silent or disabled.

Step 5

Press the **Alt-B** keys simultaneously. This command saves your changes, exits the System Setup program and restarts the server.

Tips & Warnings

  • You must have administrator privileges to reset the intrustion detection system. If not, contact your system administrator for assistance.