How to Resize Images in iPhoto

By Zicheng Ren

iPhoto is a digital photo studio that assists you with organizing, editing, sharing and printing your photos by offering multiple features. It also provides various options when saving photos such as changing the name, type, size and quality of a photo. You can choose **iPhoto default settings** of small, medium and large to change the size of a photo, or you can choose **Custom** to set up the size you desire for the photo.

Step 1

Choose **Import to Library...** from the drop-down list under the File tab.

Step 2

In the Import Photos window, navigate to a photo you want to resize and click **Import** to bring the photo into the library. You are allowed to select and import multiple photos at the same time.

Step 3

Click **Photos** under Library on the left sidebar and then click the photo you want to resize from the selection of photos that appear. There may be only one if you have only imported one to your photo library.

Step 4

Choose **Export...** from the drop-down list under the File tab to open the Export window.

Step 5

Choose **an image type** from the drop-down list next to Kind to change to a different exportation type. For example, you may start with a JPEG and choose **TIFF.**

Step 6

Click **Custom** from the drop-down list next to Size to customize the size of the image yourself. Alternatively, you can choose from among **Small**, **Medium** or **Large** as a means of resizing the original photo by using the iPhoto default settings.

Step 7

Choose **width,** **height** or **dimension** from the Max drop-down list as shown in the example to set up the value for the resized photo. *Max* refers to the maximum value for the option you choose. Choose "dimension" as an example.

Step 8

Type a pixel value in the **ofpx** box. Dimension resizes the photo based on the value you enter, which becomes the new dimension of the longer edges of the photo, and the photo will be resized and kept to scale. For example, type **400** as the px value to resize a photo with an original size of 4160 x 3120 to 400 x 300.

Step 9

Type the name of the photo to be exported in the **Save As** box and choose a path to save the photo in the Where field. Click **OK** to complete the resize and exportation.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can choose the quality of the photo if you export it as a JPEG with the "JPEG Quality" option.
  • The TIFF file type doesn't compress images and is recommended for use if you want to preserve the quality of the photo. The JPEG and PNG image types are good for online images and can be saved as small files.