How to Restore the Task Bar

By James B. Jones

In Windows, your task bar is your lifeline to all of the programs and windows running on your computer. Without it, most would be lost. So when somebody does something to alter or disable the task bar, it can be disconcerting and disorienting. Thankfully, restoring the task bar to its original layout and settings is as easy as a few mouse clicks.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows operating system

Step 1

Right-click any empty space on the task bar. Uncheck the "Lock the Taskbar" option in the menu that appears.

Step 2

Click the center area of the task bar and drag it to the bottom of your screen.

Step 3

Right-click an empty space and re-check "Lock the Taskbar".

Step 4

Right-click the task bar and click "Properties". Use the menu that loads to customize your task bar to how it was set up prior to its alteration.

Step 5

Click "OK" to exit the Properties menu.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your task bar is normally on top but was moved to the bottom after a system update, you can do the same thing to return it to the top of the screen.
  • If you drag the task bar too low, you can actually make it disappear from your monitor entirely, forcing you to change your screen resolution to return it.