How to Restore the Trash on a Macbook

The Mac Trash folder employs a "Put Back" feature that allows the user to restore or put deleted files back in the folder or directory they were deleted from. The "Put Back" feature can be accessed through various shortcuts/button clicks to prevent accidental deletion of files and folders.

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Restore items from your Macbook's Trash Bin to prevent accidental deletion.


Click the "Trash" icon on your Macbook's dock.


Select the file you wish to restore or put back by clicking it.


Right click on the file or press "control" on your keyboard while clicking on the file to access the right-click contextual menu.

Select "Put Back" from the menu to restore the file to its original folder or directory.


Select the file you wish to "Put Back" and press and hold the "Command" key then press the "Delete" key, while the item is in the Trash, as an alternative to using the right-click contextual menu. You can also use the "Gear" icon menu in the Trash Bin finder window for access to the "Put Back" option.

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