How to Return a Site to Store Item From Walmart

By Kathryn Hatter

Making purchases online often includes a shipping and delivery charge added to the cost of the items. Some stores, including Walmart, provide shipping options that enable customers to have their items delivered to a brick and mortar store instead of home delivery, thus avoiding shipping costs. After picking up a "site to store" item, if you decide you do not want it, you may return the item to Walmart as long as you comply with the store's return policies.

Step 1

Package the item back into its original box, if you removed it. Make sure you include all the original packaging material in the box and seal it.

Step 2

Locate the original store receipt, as well as all "site to store" documentation you used when you picked up the item from Walmart to bring along when you return the item.

Step 3

Bring photo identification with you when you take the item back to Walmart.

Step 4

Take the packaged item back to Walmart and visit the customer service department. Explain the reason for the return to the sales associate -- if the item is defective, note this to the associate.

Step 5

Provide your sales receipt to the sales associate. Show your photo identification if the sales associate requests it.

Step 6

Receive your refund -- either in cash or as a credit on your credit or debit card.

Tips & Warnings

  • Return items to Walmart within 90 days of purchase.
  • Walmart contracts with other retailers to sell some items. These "marketplace retailers" have separate customer service policies, making it necessary to communicate directly with these retailers if you must return an item. Check the "order details" of your site to store receipt to see whether your purchase came directly from Walmart or originated from a marketplace retailer. As long as you see "Walmart" as the seller, you can return your item directly to Walmart. If you see another retailer listed instead of Walmart, you must contact the other retailer directly to return the item. Visit the Walmart Marketplace webpage to find direct links to the five different marketplace retailer information pages. On these pages, you will find return policies and instructions.