How to Rotate a Pie Chart in Excel

By Aaron Parson

Learn where to adjust Excel's Angle of First Slice setting, rotating a pie chart to any angle you desire.

When you create a pie chart in Excel 2013, the topmost category in your data shows up in the 12 o'clock position at the top of the chart. Each subsequent category follows in clockwise order. To rotate the chart, starting at a point other than 12 o'clock, change the Angle of First Slice setting.


You're free to make other formatting choices, such as changing colors, adding labels or exploding slices, either before or after rotating the chart.

Step 1

Select the pie chart, open the Format tab and click Format Selection to open the formatting sidebar.


  • The Format tab appears only after you select the chart.
  • Two equivalent shortcuts: right-click the pie chart and choose Format Data Series, or simply double-click the chart.

Step 2

Change the angle

Set the Angle of First Slice to rotate the pie chart. The number indicates how many degrees clockwise from 12 o'clock to start the first slice. Enter a specific value, drag the slider or click and hold on the up and down arrows to spin the chart to the desired orientation.


The angle setting works the same on all types of pie charts in Excel: 2-D pie charts, 3-D pie charts and Doughnut charts.


Rotating the pie chart does not change the order of the slices. To reposition pieces of the pie, change the order of the source categories and data in the spreadsheet. For example, if you sort the categories alphabetically, the pie chart also sorts its slices alphabetically.

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