How to Rotate Pages in OneNote

By Helen Jain

OneNote is a Microsoft program that allows writing by freehand or other features like adding pictures or typing short notes. When pages are inserted into the program, the page might not always come out facing the correct direction, which ruins the inserted page. Rotating the page will usually adjust and fix the problem so the image or new page is facing in the correct direction.

Step 1

Click “View” and bring up the drop down menu. “View” is in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 2

Select “Drawing Toolbar” to open the drawing options.

Step 3

Select the page. If the page is an image, select the image. If the page is writing, select the entire page instead. Images are selected by clicking on the image to display dotted lines around the image. The page is selected by highlighting the page. Highlight the page by placing the mouse at the top, holding the left click button on the mouse and then dragging the mouse down the page.

Step 4

Click “Rotate.” “Rotate” is on the “Drawing Toolbar” and is labeled with the word “Rotate” with a down arrow. The menu will drop down and give rotation options.

Step 5

Select the preferred rotation option and click it. The images on the page will rotate to the preferred direction.

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