How to Run an HTML File From an Internet Browser

HTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language, is the markup language, or code, used to create Internet Web pages. Internet browsers are designed to display HTML pages. HTML pages are digital files with .htm or .html file extensions and can be stored on a Web server or your personal computer. Running a local HTML file from an Internet browser is similar to opening a file in any software application.

HTML web code
Internet Browsers interpret and display HTML pages.
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The simplest way to open an HTML file on your computer is to locate the HTML file and double-click it. This will automatically open the file in your default Web browser. If you prefer to open the file in a different browser, read on.

Use File, Open

Note the location of the HTML file on your local hard drive. Open your browser and click "File" on the main menu. Choose "Open," "File open," or whatever option your particular browser presents to open a new file.

Browse to the location of your HTML file and click on it. Then click "Open." The file will open in the browser.

Note that it may be impossible to bookmark a local file in many browsers due to security issues. However, it may be possible to use a browser add-on to enable this function.

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