How to Run Skype on a Cell Phone

By J.M. Soden

Accessing Skype on your cell phone is easy thanks to a new application called Skype Mobile. To use Skype Mobile you must have an Apple iPhone, Windows phone, or Wi-Fi phone. While other mobile devices can run a modified version of Skype known as Skype Lite, the local charges associated with that program somewhat defeat the purpose of using Skype. The benefits of using Skype on your cell phone are free Skype-to-Skype calling, free Skype instant messenger with buddy list, and cheap local and international rates for calls made to non-Skype numbers.

Things You'll Need

  • Apple iPhone, Windows phone, or Wi-Fi phone
  • Skype application
  • Skype account

Step 1

Download the Skype application to your cell phone from the application store or from Once you have downloaded the application you will need to create a Skype account. Register your account by creating a username and password. This username is what other Skype users will see when connecting to your phone via Skype. If you are using Skype for business calls, you may want to consider creating a business-specific account that you use only for business purposes. The download of the Skype application is free.

Step 2

Log into your Skype account using your phone's keypad. If you are accessing a previously created account, your phone will automatically load your Skype contacts list. However, if this is your first time using Skype, you will need to create a contacts list. You can search for contacts by selecting the "new" button atop the contacts list. This feature enables you to search for contacts using name, username, email address, or keywords. Once you find a contact, you will need to add that person to your contact list.

Step 3

Read the Skype user guidelines before utilizing Skype on your phone. While Skype-to-Skype calls are free, using Skype to make calls to landlines and non-Skype users can cost money. The good news is that you must purchase Skype credit prior to making these calls, so you will not accidentally run up a bill using Skype on your phone. As of January 2010, Apple iPhones do not support using Skype on a 3G network. Instead, iPhone users must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to access Skype.

Step 4

Familiarize yourself with Skype for your phone before you begin to rely on it too much. Unlike your computer, which simply needs to be turned on to receive an incoming Skype call, your phone must have the application open to receive an incoming call, message, or any other type of notification. As a Skype Mobile user, you will be limited to only direct phone calls. Conference calls and video calls are not supported by Skype Mobile, even if your phone has a working camera feature. Skype Mobile is best used as an alternative to using cell phone minutes, and for making international and local calls when you would otherwise have to pay higher fees.

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