How to Save a Web Page Into a PDF

By Contributing Writer

The Web browser Firefox allows for saving a website as a PDF file. This helps you show, for example, your latest design to potential employers or friends, or maybe keep track of the changes on your site or the article you just published.

Things You'll Need

  • Firefox
  • PDF files reader

Step 1

Open your Firefox browser and navigate online until you find the website that you want to save.

Step 2

Go to your file menu and choose "Print."

Step 3

Find the PDF button in the Print menu. Click on it and a different menu will show up. Choose the saving option that you want: "Save the file as a PDF," "Email File" and the like.

Step 4

Chose the name for your file and also the folder where you want to keep it. Once you are done, go to your computer's file browser and look for the file to check that it was correctly saved.

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