How to Scan a Text Document With Open Office Writer

By Melissa Cole

Open Office Writer is a dynamic word processor application that is a part of the Open Office suite for Windows computers. Open Office is available for free download and is often used as an alternative to Microsoft Office. Writer is capable of allowing users to create comprehensive documents, with graphs, text and images. You can import text documents from your scanner and open and edit them within the Open Office Writer application.

Step 1

Connect your scanner to your computer if it is not connected already. Be sure that your computer detects the new hardware (your scanner), as indicated from a pop-up prompt. Place the text document that you would like to scan in your scanner, and adjust it as you wish.

Step 2

Open the Open Office Writer application. Choose "Insert" from the menu bar. Scroll down to the "Picture" option. Choose "Scan" from the "Picture" menu, and then "Select Source." Identify your scanner hardware on the "Select Source" pop-up window. Highlight your scanner and press "Select" and the window will close.

Step 3

Choose "Insert" from the menu bar again, and then "Picture," "Scan," and this time select the "Request" option. Choose the color presets for your scan by appropriately choosing a radio button next to your selection and press the "Preview" button to view how your scan will look. Adjust the parameters of the preview image as you wish and press "Scan" when ready. A "Transferring Data" status box will pop up. Once the scan is complete, the text document will appear within the opened Open Office Writer file.