How to Scroll in Twitter

By Marie Cartwright

In Twitter's original design, users had to load a new page in order to see older tweets. With "New Twitter," the user interface has been redesigned to include an auto-scrolling main panel that displays all the latest tweets in your Twitter feed. If you have never used a website with an auto-scroll function before, there's a little learning curve. However, even the most novice Twitter user can master the auto-scroll within minutes.

Step 1

Click and drag down the scroll bar on the right side of your browser window. If you have a scroll button on your mouse, you can use this instead. Scroll down as far as the page will let you go.

Step 2

Wait for the loading symbol at the bottom of the page to disappear. This should only take a second or two. Once the older tweets have loaded, you can keep scrolling down. If the loading symbol does not appear, continue to Step 3.

Step 3

Click the "Try Again" link beneath your Twitter feed. If Twitter is having technical difficulties or if there is a problem with your Internet connection, sometimes the auto-scroll won't work properly. Clicking the "Try Again" link is usually all it takes to start it working again. If the link doesn't help, check to make sure other websites are loading correctly. If you have access to other websites, then the problem is with Twitter. Wait a few minutes before trying again.