How to See Someone's Twitter Background

By Heather Harris

Twitter allows users to customize the looks of their profile pages with background images that express their personalities. However, because of the layout on a Twitter profile page, it may be difficult to see much of the background image, leaving you wondering what the picture really looks like. Sometimes users even create a custom image with contact information, which may be obscured or cut off by the timeline. Fortunately, you can view the background image by itself with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Step 1

Navigate to the Twitter profile page of the user whose background image you want to view.

Step 2

Right-click with your mouse on any visible part of the background image.

Step 3

Click "View background image" from the menu that appears. This will cause the image to open in a new window or tab, depending on your browser's settings, as it looks without the Twitter timeline or profile information on top of it.