How to Sell a Vacation Package Website

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Selling a vacation package website can be either completely easy or totally difficult. When selling a vacation package website, several strategies can be used. Ask for a website appraisal before deciding on a selling price and advertising the sale. Conduct your research and find out what vacation package websites are selling for on the web. Learn some strategies for selling a vacation-oriented website.

Step 1

Begin your selling process by getting an appraisal for the vacation package website. Look online for Internet companies that can perform a website appraisal in 3-5 days. They can figure out how much your vacation related site is worth by analyzing sales revenues, incoming web traffic and the effectiveness of affiliate programs.

Step 2

Clean up your personal information within your vacation package website and take off what you don't want other people having access to. Remove any affiliate programs and advertisements you have had with third party companies. When you sell your vacation related website, you might want to protect your security and keep from being affiliated with the website and developments.

Step 3

Ask people in forums about what is the best approach in selling your vacation package website. You might find that another forum member might be interested in your vacation website. Word of mouth is a very important marketing tool in getting people to discover and look over your website.

Step 4

Set up an account and sell your vacation package related website on eBay. Many people have sold their websites on eBay and have made a good sum of money. Please take note that eBay does take a percentage of your sale, but it is nothing compared to what you can get on the website. Everything is done securely through the site.

Step 5

Check out online website sales sites that you can post on. Use free websites to post your vacation website and all of its statistics. You can also post on Craigslist under "things for sale" or on Kijiji in the sale section.