How to Send a Direct Message on Twitter

Sending out tweets on Twitter is a handy way to reach all of your followers at once, but some conversations are best conducted privately. Take advantage of the direct-messaging feature on Twitter to send messages to one user at a time. Note that you can send a direct message to someone only if she is following you on Twitter.

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Sending a Direct Message Via the Web

Sending a direct message to other Twitter users is a snap on the Twitter website. Log in to your Twitter account and select “Messages” at the top of the window. Select “New Message” and enter the name or Twitter username of the person to whom you want to send the message. Enter your message in the provided field and click “Add Photo” if you want to attach a photo. Click “Send Message” to send your direct message.

Sending a Direct Message on Mobile Device Apps

Sending a direct message on mobile apps works slightly differently. Open the app you use to communicate on Twitter and sign in to your account. Touch or select the “Messages” icon, which resembles a mailing envelope. Enter the name or Twitter username of the person you want to contact. Enter your message, tap the “Picture” icon if you want to attach a picture and then touch “Send” to send the message.