How To Send a Print Screen

By Natalie Pace

The Print Screen is one of those buttons that is often not used or misunderstood. Once you learn how easy it is to use, you will find yourself using it more and more. Back when DOS was the main computer program, using the print screen button often sent whatever was on your screen directly to a printer. Today its function is different. The purpose of this button is to take a picture of your computer screen and copy it to the clipboard for later use.

Print Screen

Step 1

Get the the screen that you wish to save and press "Print Screen/System Rq."This will put the screen snapshot on the clipboard.Note: This includes everything you see on your desktop, not just one window.

Step 2

Press "Alt + Print Screen" and this will take a snapshot of the currently selected window, instead of the entire screen. This allows you to get a picture of a specific target and nothing else.

Step 3

Then open your word processing document and place the cursor at the top of the screen. Using your keyboard, press "Ctrl + V," which will paste the screenshot into your open document.

Step 4

Save the document to where you wish and attach the saved document to your email. You will not be able to paste the screen shot into your text-based email. If you are using Windows XP/Office 2003/Outlook, see the additional tips for pasting directly into your email.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are using Windows XP/Office 2003/Outlook, you will be able to use the print screen key and paste, which will allow you to put it directly into your email message. The windows print screen image are saved as .bmp (Bitmap) format.
  • Take the screenshot as above, open a new email message and position cursor where you wanted the image to be placed. Press "Ctrl + V" and it should appear in your new email.
  • For most Print Screen requirements, users of Windows (XP/Vista/7) and Office (2003/2007/2010) may not need to buy a Print Screen Program.