How to Send a Walmart E-Gift Card

By Jalisa Summerville

If you want to skip the lines at a local Walmart store just to purchase a gift card, then Walmart offers customers a quick and easy method for purchasing and sending E-gift cards online to a personal email account. Whether you desire to send an E-gift card for your best friend's wedding celebration or want to surprise a co-worker, sending a Walmart E-gift card online is easy.

Step 1

Visit Walmart's official website. Locate and click the "Gift Cards" heading. Select and click "E-Gift Cards."

Step 2

Browse through the wide variety of gift card types and styles offered in varying monetary denominations. For example, if you want to send someone an E-gift card as a wedding present, pick a "Congratulations" card. Click your desired E-gift card.

Step 3

Customize the card. Enter the desired E-gift card amount and recipient's email address into the appropriate fields. Compose a message for a more personalized touch. Enter your name in the "From" box and click "Review Order."

Step 4

Confirm your order's accuracy, including double-checking the recipient's email address. Select your preferred payment method and place your order. The recipient receives an email with the E-gift card number, PIN and step-by-step instructions to use on

Tips & Warnings

  • As of March 2011, E-Gift cards have no expiration date.
  • E-gift cards can only be used on Walmart or Sam's club websites. They cannot be used in retail stores.