How to Send a Web Page to Email

Every common Web browser will allow you to send a Web page you are viewing to an email address. It's a great way to send yourself the contents of an article to read later, or just to share the link of the article with your friends. Emailing the contents of a Web page allows you to read the page in your email client.

Send a Web page to an email address.

Send a Web page to email


View the Web page you wish to send via e-mail. For example, type "" into the address bar and hit "Enter". Wait for your page to load.


Click on "File" in the top menu bar of your Web browser. Look for an option such as "Mail Link to This Page" if using Safari or simply "Send Link" if you're using Internet Explorer of Mozilla Firefox. Click it.


Type an email address (such as "") in your e-mail client's "Send to" field. Click the "Send" button to complete the task. The Web page link should already be inserted into the message body, but feel free to add any other text you'd like.