How to Send Anonymous Email

By Techwalla Internet Editor

People big on personal privacy may desire to send email anonymously. Regular email shows the address of who sent it as well as other incidental information. If you send email from a Web-based email form, your computer IP address (think of this as a way of identifying where your computer accessed the Internet) is attached to the email; so anyone with the appropriate software can retrieve this information. Here's how to make it anonymous.

Step 1

Create a special email account. This is the simplest--and least anonymous--method; it will only work if you wish to send someone you know an email but don't want them to know it came from you. Of course, if they have good email tracking software they will be able to find out it was from you.

Step 2

Visit an Internet cafe and use their machines. This will help disguise the IP address you use. If someone is still really intent on tracking you, they will only know that the email's sender visited that Internet cafe. Some Internet cafes have installed security monitors that keep track of who logs on and at what time, in order to prevent the cybercafes for being used for nefarious purposes.

Step 3

Send your emails through a privacy service, which can be easily found on the Internet. The privacy services strip the email of all identifying marks and characteristics, including your IP address. The best way to use one of these services involves installing software on your computer that encrypts your data before sending it to the service. These services will reveal all of the information they removed if your email itself contains a crime and is subpoenaed by authorities.