How to Send Fake Text SMS Messages

By Carmen S. Jones

Sending text messages is a convenient method of communicating with someone by sending a short message to one's cell phone. However, sometimes you may not be able to send a text message from your cell phone because you have gone over your allotted messages a month according to your cell phone plan. Or perhaps you simply don't want certain people to have your cell phone number but may need to send them a text message. You can use an SMS website to send a fake or anonymous text message. You can include your name or cell phone number only if you want to disclose the information.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access

Step 1

Access an online text message website on your Internet browser. Anon Text, Fake Send and Text 4 Free are examples of websites where you can send fake SMS messages.

Step 2

Read through the terms of service and private policy information provided on the websites before sending an SMS message.

Step 3

Fill out the provided form on the site, which may include your name or cell number (optional), receiver's 10-digit cell phone number, cell phone provider and the SMS message.

Step 4

Proofread the information typed and send the SMS message. It will arrive shortly to the person's cell phone.