How To Send Money Using an eCheck

By Louise Balle

An eCheck is the same as a printed check only the person writes it online. In many cases, the processing time for an eCheck will take just as long as processing a paper check---about three to four days. Keep in mind that when you send money to a person via an eCheck as payment for goods or services that you are waiting for, the items will not be shipped until the check clears.

Things You'll Need

  • PayPal account

Step 1

Ask your recipient to start a PayPal account in order to receive your eCheck. You must have one also.

Step 2

Log into your PayPal account. Click the "Send Money" tab. Type in the recipient's PayPal address and the amount.

Step 3

Click the "Personal" tab and choose your purpose for sending the eCheck. It could be as a gift, payment, or other. Select the "Purchase" tab if you are buying a good or service from the person.

Step 4

Select continue and review the transaction. Go to the "Payment Method" section and click "Change" (this is only necessary if you do not already have a checking account listed with your account).

Step 5

On the funding options page click "Add Bank Account." Enter your bank routing number and checking account number, then click "Continue."

Step 6

Enter a message to the recipient to clarify why you are sending this money. For example "Payment for rent due 11/1" or just a simple "Thank you for your services."

Step 7

Glance over the transaction once more and then select "Send Money" to complete your transaction. Allow about three to five business days for your eCheck to clear. If you already had a checking account associated with your PayPal account before this transaction, the eCheck may be processed (and cash sent) immediately. You must have a backup credit card listed on the account.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep in mind that the person you send the eCheck to will be charged a fee of 2.9 percent plus .30 per transaction or less (this depends on his account type and average dollar amount of transactions per month). You may want to add a few more dollars to your payment amount to cover his fees. For instance, if you are sending $100 and the fee is 3 percent, send $103.15. Then after the fee of $3.09 ($103.15 x .03), he will receive the entire $100 that you owe.