How to Set Up a TeleZapper TZ 900

The TeleZapper is a device designed to block incoming calls from telemarketers, whether the user answers the phone or lets the answering machine take the call. The device is connected to a phone line. When you receive a computer-dialed telemarketing call, a tone is emitted that informs the telemarketer that your phone number has been disconnected. This results in your phone number being removed from telemarketing lists. One device connected to one phone jack covers all phones associated with that line.

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Connecting the TeleZapper to your phone stops telemarketers from contacting you.


Connect the TeleZapper to any phone jack of your choosing. This automatically provides protection from telemarketers for every phone in the house or building associated with that phone number.


Plug the device into an electrical outlet if you are using model TZ800.


Re-record your answering machine message, if you use an answering machine. When recording, delay speaking your message for several seconds. This allows the TeleZapper enough time to disconnect the call. If the delay is too short, this may stop the TeleZapper's tone from playing.

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