How to Set Up a Wireless Modem

By Techwalla Contributor

Have you always wanted to set up a wireless network? Read on - in this article, you will learn how to set up a wireless modem.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless Modem (recommended is 802.11n)

Step 1

First, you must locate your WAN (wide-area-network) connection. This is the connection to the actual Internet, and you must connect this cable into your modem. The modem should have a slot that says "WAN" or "Internet" on it - plug the main Internet connection into this cable.

Step 2

Use an Ethernet cord to connect your computer to the modem. This isn't permanent, but you need it to set up the wireless network. Open up a web browser, type in the IP address of the modem (usually something like, and login with the default username and password. This information should be provided in the router's operating manual - all routers are different, so it's outside the scope of this article to describe every single situation.

Step 3

Once you're in the wireless modem, you must turn on some important security settings. The first thing to do is encrypt the network traffic. Each modem's configuration screen should have a clearly marked "Network Encryption" button (or something along those lines). There are three main types of encryption: WEP and WPA have both been cracked, while WPA-II (at the time of this writing) is secure. If your modem is new, you should be able to encrypt with WPA-II. Set a secure password by following the tips in the article linked in the "Resources" section.

Step 4

Change the SSID (network name) to something other than the default; when networks have the default SSID, it's an open door to hackers because it's assumed that the security is weak.

Step 5

You can use MAC address filtering, but it's hard to set up if you haven't done it before. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to set up MAC address filtering.

Step 6

Exit the configuration screen and your wireless modem will be configured. Enjoy the freedom that wireless internet brings!