How to Set Up Airport Extreme PC Wireless

By Jason Taetsch

Airport Extreme route's provide a network for your devices using the broadband Internet from your service provider. Despite the differences in manufacturer, the network created by the Airport Extreme is compatible for Mac and PC uses. The router sets up in just a couple of minutes and uses standard networking cables to make the connection between the various devices. Once your router is set up, you can immediately begin surfing the Internet from your couch, bed or anywhere else in range

Things You'll Need

  • Ethernet cables

Step 1

Locate the "Internet" port on the rear of your cable or DSL modem. If your computer is already plugged into the port, remove the cable.

Step 2

Plug one side of an Ethernet cable into the "Internet" port on the modem, and plug the other side of the cable into the "Internet WAN" port on the rear of the Airport Extreme.

Step 3

Connect the power adapter to the power port on the Airport, and plug the other end of the adapter into a surge protector or power strip.

Step 4

Unplug the power cable from your cable or DSL modem, and wait 10 seconds before plugging it back in. This will reboot your modem, forcing it to establish a connection to the Airport Extreme. The router will immediately begin sending out a wireless network once the connection is made. The default name of the network is "Airport Extreme."

Step 5

Insert the software disc that accompanied the Airport base station into the disc drive on your computer, and wait for the disc to be recognized by your computer. Click "Next," and click "Install" in the window that appears to install the Airport utility to your computer.

Step 6

Click "Start," "Programs" and "Airport Utility." Use the utility to set the name of the Airport's network and the wireless password. Click "Save" to finish configuring the Airport Extreme.