How to Set Up an AT&T 2Wire Router

By Contributing Writer

The AT&T 2Wire Router offers subscribers to AT&T's DSL service the ability to connect to the Internet wirelessly or through the use of Ethernet cables. The AT&T 2Wire Router is a book-sized electronic device that connects to your phone line and a wall outlet. Once you have the 2Wire Router set up, you can enjoy secure Internet service in the comfort of your home or office. Setting up your AT&T 2Wire Router takes about 15 minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • DSL filters
  • Phone cord
  • Power cable
  • Ethernet cord

Step 1

Insert a DSL filter into the wall phone jack where you would like to set up your AT&T 2Wire Router. DSL filters separate the voice frequencies from the data frequencies in the phone line. Insert the phone cord for your AT&T 2Wire Router into the DSL filter jack labeled "DSL." Place the other end of the phone cord into the input jack labeled "Phone" on the back of your AT&T 2Wire Router.

Step 2

Insert the Ethernet cable into one of the Ethernet jacks on the back of the AT&T 2Wire Router. The Ethernet cable looks like a phone cord, except with a larger head. Keep in mind that some AT&T 2Wire Routers have only one Ethernet jack, while others have multiple jacks. You can connect your Ethernet cable into any Ethernet jack on your AT&T 2Wire Router. Run the other end of the Ethernet cable to your computer and insert it into the Ethernet jack. Click it into place.

Step 3

Plug the AT&T 2Wire Router power cord into the back of your device in the jack labeled "AC Power." Plug the other end of the power cord into an electrical wall outlet.

Step 4

Watch the indicator lights on your AT&T 2Wire Router as the device powers on. When you see green lights next to "Power," "DSL" and "Ethernet," you can proceed.

Step 5

Double-click on the icon for your Web browser on your computer. A window will open with information about your new AT&T 2Wire Router. Read the introductory information then click on "Next."

Step 6

Install the AT&T 2Wire DSL setup tool on the next screen that appears by clicking on "Yes" to "Do you want to install the Gateway Authentication Certificate?" The AT&T 2Wire Router is now installed and authenticated for use.

Step 7

Set a password on your AT&T 2Wire Router by entering in a series of upper- and lower-case letters and numbers into the form space asking you to select a password for your device. This is the password you will use if you ever want to change any privacy settings on your router. Enter the password a second time in the second password form field to verify the password and enter information that will be given to you as a hint if you ever forget your password in the form field requesting the hint information. Click on "Next."

Step 8

Point your mouse on the "Next" button on the following screen asking if you would like to continue with the registration of your AT&T 2Wire Router.

Step 9

Read the welcome screen for your AT&T 2Wire Router. Enter your AT&T home phone number into the form field that requests that information and press "Next."

Step 10

Create a username and password for your service by typing that information into the required form fields. Click on "Next." View the final screen for setting up the AT&T 2Wire Router that confirms the set up of your service then click on "Finish."

Step 11

Reboot your computer by clicking on "Start" at the bottom left-hand corner of your computer screen, clicking on "Shutdown" then "Restart." Wait for your computer to shut down then reboot. You are now ready to use your AT&T 2Wire Router and DSL Internet service.