How to Set Up File Folders

By Stephen Lilley

A file folder on a computer is also called a "directory." These folders are simply sections of your hard drive where specific files are being stored. A file folder on a computer has a graphical icon above its label representing a manila file folder. If you want to set up a new file folder on your computer, you just need to know how to create one and then what to do with it once it does exist.

Step 1

Right-click your desktop.

Step 2

Select "New" and then "Folder." A new file folder, appropriately labeled "New File Folder," will appear on your desktop.

Step 3

Right click on the icon for "New File Folder" and click "Rename." Type a new name into the box on screen to rename your file folder.

Step 4

Double left click on your file folder to open it.

Step 5

Add files to your file folder by clicking on the icon for a file from elsewhere on your computer and then dragging it into the file folder's window. The files will then be stored in that file folder.