How to Set Up Frontier Voice Mail

By Maya Austen

In addition to cable TV and high-speed Internet service, the Frontier Communications Corporation also provides digital phone service to various markets throughout the United States. If you are a new Frontier digital phone service subscriber, one of the first things you need to do in order to take full advantage of all of the features in your phone plan is to set up your Frontier voice mail. Voice mail is essentially a computer-based answering service maintained by your telephone provider. The service is used to record messages left by persons whose phone calls you missed.

Step 1

Call your voice mailbox access number, which is usually provided in the written material you received after signing up for Frontier digital phone service. If you do not see the number listed, or if you misplaced your introductory packet, contact the Frontier customer support center for assistance. The number for your Frontier customer support center is printed on your billing statement.

Step 2

Use the phone’s number pad to enter your temporary voice mail passcode when prompted. Generally your voice mail passcode is the last four digits of your telephone number unless otherwise indicated in your introductory material.

Step 3

Listen to the voice prompts. Select the “Modify your password” option. Enter a four-digit to seven-digit number that you would like to serve as your permanent voice mail passcode, followed by the pound (#) sign. You cannot use repeating digits, a series of ascending or descending numbers or a series of ascending or descending odd and even numbers as your passcode. For example, you cannot use “2222,” "1234” or “2468.”

Step 4

Follow the voice prompts to return to the main menu. Select the “Greetings” menu option. Select the “Record a greeting” option.

Step 5

Follow the voice prompts to learn how to begin recording a voice mail greeting. Your voice mail greeting is the message callers will hear when calls are forwarded to your voice mailbox.

Step 6

Speak into the phone to articulate your greeting. Press the pound key (#) to end the recording. Your Frontier voice mailbox is now set up.

Step 7

Hang up the phone.