How to Set Up Pandora Internet Radio

By Techwalla Contributor

Hey music fans, here is something free you will love; a little gem called Pandora Internet Radio. It is all free and creates radio type stations based on your bookmarked artists, songs and overall preferences, along with suggesting new ones. Read on to get started listening to Pandora.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet
  • Computer
  • Speakers

Step 1

Open up your Internet web browser of choice and go to or click the link in the resources section to go right to the Pandora website.

Step 2

Click on register at the top of your screen next to the login button if you do not already have a free Pandora Internet Radio account.

Step 3

Fill in the fields on the Pandora radio registration screen. These include name, email address, birth year and zip code. Do not forget to fill in the box as needed and uncheck the box if you do not want promotional emails. Then click register for free.

Step 4

Click account on top and find music as prompted. Skip the ads, you do not need them to start listening to Pandora Internet Radio.

Step 5

Click profile tab and edit your Pandora preferences and save.

Step 6

Return to the home page while you are still signed into Pandora and click search for music. There is also search for songs feature as well.

Step 7

Click on the artist or song once you find it on Pandora in the left hand column.

Step 8

Bookmark the song or title by clicking on the link below the artist or title. This will start you building your Pandora radio library and it will begin to play songs based on the titles and artists you choose.

Step 9

Look at the suggested similar artists that appear after you bookmark an artist or song. These are helpful if you cannot remember song titles or artists and will jog your memory.

Step 10

Click create station to build a station based on your music preferences, though it may not play all desired titles or artists on Pandora.

Step 11

Click quick mix to mix up your stations instead of playing only one genre or artist on Pandora.

Step 12

Locate the stop, play, volume and pause buttons on top. You can fast forward through songs on Pandora, however, there is a song limit, so choose wisely.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use Pandora for your next party or workout.
  • Consider purchasing a wireless headset or headphones, especially for bluetooth enabled laptops.
  • Connect with friends to share musical preferences. Pandora can do an email search for you or you can send invites.
  • Give songs and artists you like the thumbs up so they will be included in your mix.
  • Rate songs with a thumbs down you do not wish to have played again.
  • Keep a tab or Window open exclusively for Pandora Radio. You may wish to create a shortcut on the desktop or start menu for quick access.

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