How to Set Up PPPoE to Work With Windstream DSL

By TS Jordan

PPPoE, or Point to Point over Ethernet, is a type of networking protocol used by your computer to transfer data. Enabling this setting on your Windstream DSL connection means that you must enable it through the network router in your home. Accomplish this by accessing your router's settings through any network computer, a process that takes just minutes to complete.

Step 1

Start your computer and ensure that you are connected to your Windstream DSL connection.

Step 2

Click "Start," "Programs" and open your Internet browser.

Step 3

Enter the address of your router and press "Enter." This is typically something like and can be found in your router instruction manual.

Step 4

Select the "Setup" menu of your router and check the box by "PPPoE." Enter the username and password for your Windstream account to complete the PPPoE configuration.