How to Setup WiFi on a Cell Phone

The thing about mobile phones is they are constantly improving. Manufacturers keep adding on new features to make them more suited to today's fast-paced lifestyle. People can't seem to stay put anymore so it has become more important than ever to have cell phones that can double as computers where they can easily log on to the Internet when they're on the road. Wireless Internet access has made that possible and because hot spots are sprouting almost everywhere, even mobile phones now come with wireless LAN functionality.

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Consult the user manual on WLAN connections. Different mobile phone brands will have different ways of getting to the WLAN function. Sony Ericsson, for instance, will have an Activity Menu where you can easily go to the WLAN function. From there, you just need to activate WLAN and click 'Search' to get it to start looking for wireless networks.


Click the wireless network that displays the strongest signal. Most wireless networks are now secured by passwords so you would not be able to connect to them easily. If you're trying to access a secured connection, you will be prompted to enter a password or phrase to get into the network.


Open your mobile web browser once connected. Once you get the notification that you're connected to the wireless network, you can now start browsing the Internet through your cell phone. In some mobile handsets, you have to manually go to your mobile browser to do this. The browsing application is usually found in the multimedia part of the phone. In others, such as in Nokia, the bookmarks page automatically comes up so you just need to click one of your bookmarks to open a page on the Internet.

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