How to Shut Down a Computer With Keyboard Shortcuts

By Tammy Clevenger

You can shut down your computer with keyboard shortcuts. Pressing three keys simultaneously in the Microsoft Windows operating system, or in Linux-based, desktops such as Ubuntu, the "Shutdown" menu may be invoked by pressing three "hotkeys." The keyboard shortcuts are very useful for troubleshooting the computer, for example, if you lose mouse functionality and are unable to select "Shutdown" from the Windows "Start" menu using a mouse or touchpad.

Step 1

Press and hold the "Control, ALT and Delete (CTRL + ALT + DEL)" keys on the keyboard. The "Shutdown" menu will launch.

Step 2

Press the downward (or upward) arrow to highlight the "Shut Down" option.

Step 3

Press the "Enter" key. The computer shuts down and powers off.