How to Single Space in Wordpad

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Wordpad is a basic text editor that comes with some versions of Microsoft Windows. Wordpad does not have a menu line-spacing feature, which leads to some confusion regarding line spacing, particularly how to change the text from double- to single-spaced. Fortunately, there is a keyboard shortcut you can use with Wordpad to help you return your text to standard single spacing.

Step 1

Click on "Edit" and select "Select All." This will highlight all of the text in your Wordpad document.

Step 2

Push and hold the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard.

Step 3

Press "1" on the top number pad while holding "Ctrl." The Wordpad line spacing will change from double to single.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Windows 7 version of Wordpad has a Microsoft Office-styled ribbon. In this version, you can also change the line spacing using the ribbon. Click on the "Arrow" icons in the "Paragraph" box and select "1.0."

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