How to Sit on People on IMVU

By Irene A. Blake

In 3-D rooms available on the IMVU chat messenger, you can position your avatar to perform a wide variety of physical actions including sitting. Many of these actions are performed by clicking posing spots positioned throughout chat rooms. To position one avatar to sit on another, two users must typically click posing spots specifically created for this purpose. You can add a two-avatar sitting-style posing product to your personal chat room to share with another user or use preexisting spots in one of the many other chat rooms available.

Personal Room

Step 1

Open the IMVU chat messenger and then click the “Shop” button to open the IMVU Catalog.

Step 2

Click the “Poses” tab to see all the available posing products displayed as thumbnails.

Step 3

Browse the pages for a product that positions one avatar on another’s lap or type “lovers sitting” in the Search Catalog field.

Step 4

Click the “Try” button under a product to try out the posing spots in the avatar area on the left side of the screen. Move your cursor across the area to locate the spots. Click a spot to see your avatar perform half of the pose -- sitting down or sitting in someone’s lap -- and then click the other spot to try it.

Step 5

Click “Buy” when you find a product you like. When you’re finished, click the “Home” tab and then click “My Room” to open your personal chat room.

Step 6

Go to the indoor or outdoor area in your room where you want to add the two-avatar sitting-style posing product.

Step 7

Locate the product in the My Avatar section in the bar at the bottom of the room. Click the “Add” button on the product to add it to the area you selected.

Step 8

Invite someone to your room and wait for the discussion to become more playful or intimate. Ask the other person to select a spot -- sitting on an object or sitting on the lap -- and then click one spot and wait for the other user to click the other spot.

Other Chat Rooms

Step 1

Open the IMVU chat messenger and then click “Chat Room” to bring up the screen showing all available IMVU chat rooms.

Step 2

Check out all of the posing spots in various available rooms for the two-avatar sitting-style feature. Click a chat room at random. Click the “Go” button to enter it and then click all the available spots.

Step 3

Meet another user in one of the rooms you found, or meet someone new in a room, and then use the spots. One of you click one spot and the other click the nearby spot.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always try the posing spots before use to prevent confusion about your intentions. Many of these posing products include additional actions such as hugging and kissing. These actions are often incorporated into the sitting action. For example, when you position your avatar to sit in another avatars lap, it may also automatically hug or kiss the other avatar.

References & Resources