How to Solve Windows Installer Package Problems

By Cameron Easey

Installing software programs in Windows is done by running through the Installshield Wizard or Windows Installer Package that many vendors use to install their software. However, there are problems that can occur, which can cause errors, and crash the installation process. There are several steps that can be taken to solve Windows Installer Package problems.

Step 1

Document the error that appears. When the Windows Installer Package encounters a problem, a dialog box will appear with an error number. Document this error number, and any others that appear to use for future reference.

Step 2

Delete Temp files from the system. Sometimes the Windows Installer Package cannot copy the files it needs to the system because there are too many Temp files. Click the "Start" button, and then select "My Computer." Double click on the Local Disk C to view the folders that are on the hard drive.

Step 3

Find the folder that contains the systems Temp files. Most Microsoft Windows machines have the Temp folder located within the Windows folder when viewing the Local Disk on the system. Go into the Temp folder, and click "Select All" from the "Edit" drop down menu. Click "Edit" again, and then select "Delete" to remove the files.

Step 4

Uninstall offending software programs. The Windows Installer may list a file or program that is installed that is conflicting with the installation process. Removing the program that is causing the problem may allow the Windows Installer to finish properly. Click on the "Start" button, and select "Control Panel," and then look for the "Add and Remove Programs" icon. Double click on the icon to remove the program from the system.

Step 5

Download and install a registry cleaner, such as RegSeeker, to delete corrupt registry entries. When a program has been removed from the system, pieces of it can still reside in the registry. Removing these remnants will prevent them from continuing to cause problems with the Windows Installer Package.

Step 6

Open the registry cleaner program, and then double click the desktop icon. Click on the "Clean the Registry" option on the left, and then click the "AutoClean" or "OK" button to start the scan. When the scan has completed, delete the registry entries by clicking the "Select" button to highlight all of the items, and the "Actions" button to delete them.

Tips & Warnings

  • Error messages that still appear will require contacting the vendor for more information and available options.
  • Deleting registry entries can cause some programs to not run correctly on the system. Have the error number referenced earlier if you need to provide it to the vendor.

References & Resources