How to Speed Up Windstream DSL

By Erin McManaway

Windstream is an ISP that provides DSL high-speed Internet services to homes and businesses. It offers different tiers of Internet speed, with different pricing based on the maximum number of Mbps that you need. Aside from the built-in speed restrictions, your computer and browser may also affect the speed of your DSL Internet. You can tweak your computer's settings and clean the hard drive to improve your system's overall response and speed.

Step 1

Contact your Windstream DSL service provider and upgrade to a higher speed DSL package. Not every package may be available in your area.

Step 2

Update and run your virus and spyware scanner on your computer. If your computer is infected with malware, it can affect the speed of your computer's response when using DSL.

Step 3

Update to the newest version of your Internet Web browser.

Step 4

Turn off browser plug-ins and add-ons that you don't need. Add-ons can bog down your browser and cause Web pages to load more slowly.

Step 5

Clean out your Internet browser's history, cache and cookies. Temporary files can clog up your browser and cause it to respond more slowly.

Step 6

Uninstall any programs that you do not need on your computer. Too many programs running and too little hard drive space can cause your computer's performance to slow down.